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We are looking for 8 ladies who are ready for their next FITNESS CHALLENGE. 


That’s why we have put together the most versatile 8 week course, to not only: 

  • Get you toned

  • Get you healthier

  • Help you shed those few extra pounds

  • And of course get STRONGER


Ladies like you, will know that the best way to get the best results is to train first thing in the morning, while you are still burning fat.


Don’t miss out


This is for an EXCLUSIVE group of 8 ladies only.

Here is what you need to know!

Training is every Monday & Wednesday at 7:00am - 8:00am located at JSRA Woodland Ave SL1 3BU, each session is 1 hour!


A maximum of 8 Ladies are allowed to participate! 

Its starts on Monday 9th Jan 2023 and ends on 1st Mar 2023

What will we be doing?


You will be trained just like our fighters who are in fight camp, you maybe wondering what a fight camp is?


Fight camps are usually 8-16 weeks training, specialising in cutting weight, drilling in specific movement, striking and or defence and reaching peak performance for the fight. 


You ladies will be put through your paces and pushed to your limits, this is not for beginners, novices or inexperienced ladies, so if you cant do proper Push Ups, Sit ups, Burpees, High Knees, Squats or trained with a personal trainer for over 1 year under your belt please dont waste your time…. THIS PROGRAMME IS NOT FOR YOU! 


However you don't need Boxing experience! This is also NOT like training boxing with your PT or at the GYM, you will be training like you are getting ready for the BIG FIGHT!


So, if you are looking for that full body work that is going to keep your heart rate above 148 bpm and average of 120 bpm and burn a minimum of 500 Kcals per session; Our Boxing Fitness Challenge is right for you.


We Start with a fitness test and End the programme with a fitness test, if you have a heart rate monitor (chest strap is best) you will get better analytics! So you can see your improvements, what you can improve on and what you are good at doing.


Each session has a warm up which is geared around raising the heart rate, activating and mobilising the joints and muscles of your body.   


Then in to the technical drills of boxing: Footwork & Striking 


Followed by pad work or bag work


Then our exclusive Red Zone training which puts your heart rate above that 148 bpm rate, why you may ask? 


Boxing is not an endurance combat sport, it is actually a high intensity combat sport!


Going from feeling out your opponent whilst moving slowly then turning into a bolt of lighting and blitz them with a barrage of punches, slowing down to recover and so on. It is a High Intensity Sport which focuses on quality reps rather than quantity of rep as you don't want to be wasting movement/ energy for no reason. If you cant win by knocking your opponent, you want to win by being better than them in every way you can!


If you think you are ready to dig deep and take on the challenge hit that BOOK NOW Button! 

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