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Martial Arts Schools and Fitness Trainers aren’t typically known for giving CLEAR pricing information on their website. 


However we're different.

As we only offer private group or private sessions

Our private group sessions have a maximum of 8 Students regardless if its our Kids, Mens, Ladies or Eskrima group.

Why so few?

We've tried and tested it, teaching over 150 students a week Vs 25 students a week. And what we found is that our clients (children, men and women) learn and function best in exclusive groups. Not only that but our instructors are able to give each client good quality time and attention to learn, grow and evolve. 

We all know to well that public schools are overcrowded, this leads to children being left behind, hiding so they are not noticed, are not noticed at all and worst of all ignored! And this too happens in so many Dojo's across the UK and students are being award belts just because they had good attendance or completing a task on its due date. 

These traits do have some merit, but in life if you want to win at anything it takes more than just being punctual and turning up!

Winners train to win!
Not just to take part.

This is why, if you have the ability to send your child to a private school or to after school tuition which has no more than 8 students to 1 teach for 1 hour at a time, they will be above the rest and you have nothing to worry about as they get the full attention of their teacher and everyone learns better and faster. 

This same mentality holds true with Boxing, MMA & Athletic coaches they only choose to train  1 - 8 sportsmen/ Athletes at any one given time..... Some even choose just to train 1-8 Athletes for their entire career! Why because they want the best out of those that are willing to not just put in the time but put the blood, sweat and tears in. 

There is a saying "you need 10,000 hours of practise to become a master of a particular field" and learning is large groups doesn't help this.  


Let take a real world example: It take a minimum of 14 years of schooling for a child to go from Year 1 to obtaining their A levels, then another 3 years to get a degree if they choose, then another 2 to 3 years to get a certicate to say they are a Master.... But that doesn't mean they have obtained Mastery in the field and then get a job!


They have spent over 10,000 hours spread cross 20 years! Where as a student lucky enough to get private or home schooling tends to achieve the same goals in 15-18 years and not worry too much about the job at the end of it.


And the same goes for working for a Global cooperation Vs a Small to Medium size company, they both have their pro's and con's but in a small to medium size company you get the full on hands experiences of doing everything with a business, which makes you a better manager compared to the cooperate manager who in my experience can be a little too rigid and one dimensional for my liking. 

And this is why!

We give each private group and private student the time, care and services for them to be the best they can be; no matter if it's to build confidence, loss weight, get ready for fight night, bully proofing or even to learn something new. 

We offer classes of such high quality, attention to detail and care

All students commit to joining us as a way of changing their lives, with our 12 month programme. Martial Arts is a lifelong journey, and we believe a year is the minimum time frame a student needs to commit, to feel great results.

Private Group training 

No more than 8 Student in each session 

Train twice a week 

Exclusive Martial Art and Fitness Training only Offered by our instructor and no one else in a 10 mile radius 

The freedom to focus on your training needs and pace

£120 per month 

Private Session 

You get to bring a friend so you can train with some outside of our sessions  

Train up at 4x a week

Exclusive Martial Art and Fitness Training only Offered by our instructor and no one else in a 10mile radius 

Tailored made classes to your needs ​

Video footage of your training session 

£100 per session

Starter Pack 





Boxing gloves

Shin Guards



Eskrima (Training sticks, knife, sword and goggles instead of shin guards, shorts, belt) 

£100 one off fee 

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