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Strength and Confidence: How Self-Defense Training Empowers Women!

In the realm of self-defense, a question often arises: Can martial arts truly aid in the protection of oneself?

Martial arts, a term derived from the Greek God of War, Mars, combines combat techniques with the finesse of an art form. Traditionally, these disciplines are measured by loyalty, belt rankings, and the pursuit of flawless execution within a controlled environment.

However, when it comes to practical self-defense, especially for women, the approach must be different. True self-defense is designed to be effective regardless of one's size, strength, or gender. It isn't about perfection or aesthetic display, nor does it require months or years to become proficient in using it. It’s just business!

Here are a few reasons why women should consider learning this essential life skill, just as learning to swim:

Practical & Combative self-defense: The focus is on real-world scenarios, equipping women with techniques tailored to various situations they may encounter in their daily lives. They learn to respond & react swiftly and decisively against potential and actual threats, including common attacks like grabs, chokes, strikes and verbal engagments.

Bridging the gap: Effective self-defense techniques emphasize exploiting an opponent's vulnerabilities. Women learn to target sensitive areas such as the groin, eyes, and throat, enabling them to defend themselves effectively against larger and stronger attackers.

Tapping into inner strength: Through self-defense training, women develop self-confidence and mental resilience. By honing their physical skills, increasing situational awareness, and learning to trust their instincts, they become more confident individuals. This newfound confidence acts as a deterrent to potential attackers and allows women to assert themselves in threatening situations.

Using your instincts: Self-defense training places significant emphasis on situational awareness. Women are far superior at trusting and knowing their instincts compared to men, and you learn to identify and avoid potential dangers by being aware of their surroundings and recognizing signs of potential threats. They become proactive in their safety measures, understanding the distinction between social and asocial behaviors.

Stress & pressure management: Self-defense training often involves simulated scenarios and stress drills, replicating real-life encounters. This type of training helps women develop the ability to manage stress, stay focused under pressure, and make effective decisions in challenging situations.

Empowering mindset: Self-defense instills a mindset of resilience, determination, and an unwavering refusal to be a victim. Women who practice self-defense learn to trust their abilities and develop a proactive mindset that extends beyond self-defense situations, positively impacting other areas of their lives.

Now that we've explored the benefits of self-defense training, it's important to equip ourselves with practical tips for personal safety.

Here are some of our top tips!


Don't put yourself in unnecessary danger. Avoid walking alone down dark roads or alleys. If you feel nervous about someone, cross the road or find an alternative route. Walk tall and exude confidence to avoid being targeted as an easy victim.

You can play games with you friends and family to improve this i.e. the next time you go out to the shops/ walk or trip count how many men are wearing red trainers/ caps/ glasses/ etc. once you get good make it harder and try counting green eyes.

Situational Awareness:

Be aware of your surroundings, always scanning the area and knowing where all the exits are. Stay alert to potential danger and learn to recognize unusual or intimidating behavior. Training regularly in a controlled environment allows you to identify aggressive behavior and gain insights into the attacker's mindset.

Next time you're shopping, out and about in town and at the Church, Mosque or Gurdwara, you should try spotting familiar faces and approaching them before they do. Everytime you spot them before they spot you, you get a point; if they spot you first and approach which out you noticing.. You lose a point

Stay Calm:

This is easier said than done! Freezing is a natural response, but if it happens, remember to breathe and take action. Our programs help you better deal, both mentally and physically, with all kinds of stressful situations.

There is a nice simple trick to this and if you do any sports or yoga, you know recovery of breathe is key. So take in two breathes and for every one breathe you breath out

Use Your Voice:

Shouting can raise awareness from bystanders or unsettle aggressors. If someone meaning you harm realizes that you won't go quietly, it might be enough to discourage them. There's nothing wrong with screaming in the aggressor's ears if they are holding you against your will.

If you like to sing or are shy at being loud, your voice is a primary tool for you so practice talking loudly and shouting now and them, if someone cant see you in a situation then they should be able to hear you.

Arm Yourself:

In situations where you need to create distance, utilize common objects such as chairs or pool cues to keep the aggressor at bay. In the United Kingdom women cant carry any form of self defence tools so Your bag can serve as a makeshift shield, throwing gravel, dirt, stones or liquids can distract the aggressor, buying you time to seek safety or putting you in a better position to respond.

Explore Affordances; have you ever watched a Jackie Chan movie? He uses absolutely everything and anything in any which way he can. So try this; go grab some thing that is close to you i.e. a can of coke now list 10 things you can do with it:

  1. Quench your thirst

  2. Put out a small fire

  3. A Paper weight

  4. The empty can makes a “makeshift” camping stove

  5. A door or window stop

Now let’s get creative

  1. Smash someone in the face with it

  2. Spit or through the coke into someones faces

  3. Throw the can at them

  4. Cut their face with a torn piece of the can

  5. Poke at their eyes with can ring

You get the picture, if youre in a situation you want to fight tooth and nail with what ever you got at hand and luck is your best friend. So start looking at every objects and think outside the box!

Put Your Hands Up:

If you sense trouble or an aggressor invades your personal space, raise your hands in the "I don't want any trouble" position. This simple action can help you avoid close contact attacks like chokes, headlocks, or hair grabs. Maintain a solid, balanced stance while keeping your hands up.

This terms to be your first or second physical boundary after a wall, car, door another person etc

Do Not Wait to Be Struck: If someone intends to harm you, don't wait to be hit or grabbed. Act first and strike in a vulnerable area that will cause significant damage. Aim for soft areas like the eyes, groin, or solar plexus to maximize your chances of escaping harm. Remember, the law allows for pre-emptive strikes if you have an honestly held belief that you or your loved ones are in immediate danger.

Thats if your voice or anothers persons invention hasnt worked

Don't Hang Around: If all else fails and you find yourself in a physical confrontation, act swiftly and efficiently to create space and reach safety. Avoid lingering to admire your handiwork, as it may give the aggressor an opportunity for another attack. Strike decisively and incapacitate the aggressor to prevent further harm.

Run, run, run, you dont need to be able to run the 4 minute mile but you need to run to a safe place no matter how close or far that is.

When All Goes Wrong: In the unfortunate event of a threatening situation, it is invaluable to possess the knowledge of defending yourself on your feet, in a clinch, or on the ground. Training in our self-protection program equips you with the understanding of what actions to take in various physical confrontations.

This is when you need to be physical and emotional prepared for whats going on and the aftermath as the event is usually over within a blink of an eye.

Multiple Attackers: When facing multiple attackers, prioritize dealing with the most immediate and dangerous threat first. If someone grabs you and swings a punch, forget the grab and focus on blocking the incoming strike. Counter with your most powerful and effective strike to incapacitate the aggressor, forcing them to release their grip. When confronted with multiple attackers, try to position yourself so they are all in front of you, allowing you to address one person at a time or use them as a shield.

By incorporating these self-defense principles into your life, you can enhance your personal safety and empower yourself to navigate potential threats. Remember, you have the power to protect yourself and create a safer world.

Stay strong, stay vigilant, embrace the warrior within you and remember "THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO SURVIVE."

We run our ladies self protection programme every quarter so stay tuned to our emails for details or drop a message on 07869725020

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