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Mens Muay Thai FREE Trial

Master the art of eight limbs! Our Muay Thai class for men is the ultimate training ground.

  • 1 h
  • JSRA

Service Description

During the "Master the Art of Eight Limbs" Muay Thai trial week for men, expect an immersive experience that develops explosive power, sharpens technique, and enables dominance in the ring. Here's what you can anticipate: 1. Intensive Workouts: Engage in high-intensity sessions incorporating striking drills, pad work, bag work, and conditioning exercises. Elevate cardiovascular fitness, build explosive power, and increase overall strength. 2. Technique Refinement: Receive detailed instruction and individualized attention from experienced instructors to improve form, accuracy, and overall technique. Master punches, kicks, knees, and elbows and string them into effective combinations. 3. Comprehensive Training: Learn striking techniques, clinching, and control, including devastating knee and elbow strikes. Develop skills to dominate in various combat scenarios. 4. Mental Focus and Discipline: Cultivate mental fortitude, sharpen instincts, and develop a resilient mindset through challenging drills. Stay composed, adapt, and overcome obstacles. 5. Sparring Opportunities: Progress and participate in controlled sparring sessions. Apply skills in simulated combat scenarios, supervised by experienced coaches, to gain practical experience and refine technique. 6. Camaraderie and Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals. Bond with fellow students, forge friendships, and motivate each other to excel. Benefit from a supportive and inclusive environment. 7. Personalized Goal Setting: Work closely with instructors to understand individual objectives. Set personalized goals for competition, fitness, self-defense, or personal enjoyment. Progress at your own pace. 8. Self-Confidence and Empowerment: Overcome challenges, master new techniques, and push limits. Build self-esteem and belief in your abilities. Develop a strong mindset that extends beyond training. Embark on the transformative journey of Muay Thai. Develop explosive power, sharpen technique, and dominate the ring. Experience an immersive week that combines intensive workouts, technique refinement, comprehensive training, mental focus, sparring opportunities, camaraderie, personalized goal setting, and self-confidence. Join us and unleash your true potential! What's Next after the trial week? You Commit to Mastery, Set New Goals have access to Private Training & Specialised Workshops

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Cancellation Policy

By signing this agreement, you are: Acknowledging the exciting and physical nature of martial arts/ self-defense/ combat sports and fitness training. While we aim for a fun and fulfilling experience, we want you to be aware that there is a possibility of physical contact and the associated risks, including injuries and adverse events. However, we're committed to minimising these risks. Understanding that these risks may arise not just from your actions but also from the actions (or inactions) of others, the rules we follow, the conditions of our premises, or the equipment we use. Recognising that there could be unforeseen risks that are not presently known to you or to us. Promising to inspect our facilities, equipment, and arrangements before participating. If you ever feel that something isn't safe or within your capabilities, please inform one of our instructors or coaches immediately and refrain from participating. Accepting full responsibility for any injuries or other unfortunate outcomes that may result from your participation. We're here to guide and support you, but ultimately, your safety is in your hands. Voluntarily choosing to engage in martial arts and boxing training and/or competitions. You understand the importance of following our training and competition rules, as well as any applicable fees. Confirming that you are in good physical condition, without any conditions or injuries that could jeopardise your well-being during intense training or competition. Granting permission for medical professionals to provide assistance or treatment in case of injury. Releasing, waiving, and discharging Warriors Martial Arts, along with its affiliated organisations, governing bodies, instructors, staff, fellow members, coaches, sponsors, and anyone associated with us, from any liability for claims, losses, or damages arising from injuries, including those resulting in death or property damage, whether due to negligence or other causes. By submitting, you acknowledge that you have read and fully understand this agreement's contents. Your response represents a voluntary and unconditional release of any and all liability. Furthermore, we want to emphasize the importance of training safely, both for yourself and your fellow members. Please adhere to our rules and regulations, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone. Your membership is based on a weekly session count over 48 weeks per year, and while we strive to accommodate you

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  • Woodland Avenue, Slough SL1 3BU, UK


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