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Fun & Friendly 
Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai
& Eskrima 
in Slough

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Getting started is the first step to success!

Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai & Esrkima in Slough 

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Are you tired of the same old gym routine and looking for something more exciting and dynamic?

Are you seeking a way to enhance both your physical and mental well-being in a practical manner that you can apply to everyday life?

Are you in search of a captivating activity for your child that not only keeps them engaged but also instills discipline, focus, and self-defense skills?

Welcome to our community!

Whether you're searching for a sports activity that will captivate your child or an exciting alternative to the monotonous gym fitness routine, our Martial Arts & Boxing Programmes in Slough, are truly unique. Unlike other sports, our training focuses on personal development at its core.

No matter your age or fitness level, anyone can embark on the journey of Martial Arts & Boxing.

Take the first step today and start your incredible journey with us!


Gareth D

I have known Guro Rick for many years. If you live in the area, you should definitely go check him out. He is very knowledgeable in the arts and a genuinely a nice guy.

Sonia K

Rick Singh is a great teacher, he is so patient and happy, approachable and happy to help bring out the best in you. The class atmosphere is great, private 121 sessions are so detailed.

If you are able to train with him you won't be disappointed

Paul L

Guro Rick has excellent knowledge of combat techniques, with particular emphasis on the combination of unarmed and bladed weapons, he also links these martial aspects back to their roots, with his historic knowledge showing show effective the skills are, even in more modern settings.

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Which progamme you interested in?
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